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Beauty's Castle is a Unique Realm. It is a Community that Welcomes All who wish to Learn, Explore, have Fun, and Enjoy themselves! It is a Place where people can let their Hearts and Souls fly, and let their Imaginations Soar! Enter the Castle and Explore the Web's Most Intelligent and Friendly Alternate Reality! (Enchanting smile and gaze)

Some IMPORTANT usage notes:

First and Foremost, this area is for ADULTS!!!! (calm but serious gaze) While we are NOT Pornographic in any way, if you are Not 'of age' (18/21 years old in the U.S.) then you may not use this chat area! It is provided for Adults to converse freely on topics of their choosing. Sorry!(apologetic but firm s) Please return when you are 'of age'! (known violators will be Banned!)

We are a Monitored Realm. If you can not behave like Civilized Beings, then you will be Removed from the Castle. Continued disruptions of our happy Community will result in being completely banned from the Beauty's Castle access, and if necessary having your online access removed.

Beauty's Castle is a THEMED chat site. The overall theme is, of course, a Fanciful Medieval Castle, but users will find that our topics are extremely current (s). Each and every room has its own theme; some quite general and others very specific. Some rooms have almost no rules and others have many, however users are expected to keep their conversations in line with their chosen room's theme or risk being removed from that room by a Castle Monitor. Just like a Real Castle we expect chatters to move from room to room as their purposes change.

Beauty's Castle, while a virtual domain, is obviously composed of Real People. Whether you are chatting with vampires, faeries, wolves, or just "Joe" and "Sue" at the Pub, the hearts and souls behind the handles are Real. Please don't forget that!(serious look) You wouldn't want people to mess with Your head, so Don't mess with Others'.

Chatting at Beauty's Castle is Not everyone's Cup-of-Tea! It is Not your typical chat site and interface. Chatting here is more like being a character in a "live" book. You must READ the transcript like a story. The people often have much more to say in a post, and the response times may appear slow to most typical internet chatters familiar with IRC and Java chat. Don't come here expecting anything like that!('nother serious look)

While almost anybody can enter and enjoy the Castle, to Excel here you will require Imagination, Manners, Good Grammar, Decent typing skills, and not just a little bit of Wit & Good Humor.

While Beauty's Castle is a Free chat site with Many Public rooms and areas, it also boasts a paying Citizenship that enjoys a Private Realm with other places to explore and enjoy, and upgraded features and services. One example is the Beauty's Castle Forums, in which only Citizens may participate, but that everyone can view.

SAVE your Handle and Password! These are *yours* and can be used Only by *you* once you select them. Once created your handle will work for 30 days, after which it will loose it's "scroll box"(see FAQ) unless "registered"(see Citizenship). This does Not otherwise affect its functions.

To update the messages, press Listen if you are just 'watching' (includes auto-update), or Send (if you are actively chatting). Do Not use your browser's Reload button.

You may switch between the Castle's Rooms and Areas without exiting back to this page by using the Change To: button at the bottom of each page.

Beauty's Castle chat is Wireless Compatible! Use your iPhone, iPad, Touch, Droid, Blackberry, Nokia, or other Wireless enabled device to chat with your friends. Never be out of touch again! For more details please read our FAQ.

For more information, features, and user help, please see our Chat FAQ.

This Chat area uses features found in current versions of Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer, although some older versions may still work fine. It also requires that Java Script be enabled and that you Accept cookies from While Beauty's Castle Chat works well with many browsers, including Opera, OmniWeb, Camino, iCab, Netscape and others, these pages are formatted for use with Firefox and Safari.

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The Castle itself:

Beauty's Castle has many rooms and areas to explore. For the new user, the starting points are Four:

The Public Square is just that; a very public place where all may meet and gossip and talk without regard to any particular theme. It is also the main entrance and debarkation point for most people entering the Castle and provides gateways to all other areas within Beauty's Castle. Once there you may select any of the following areas to explore further: Remember: the entrances and exits will Change as you move from room to room as they would in a RealTime Castle. Explore...


Club Soda (a pub with 'Block Island' appeal - one can grab a frothy brew, savor a single malt, or sip a 'tini while chatting at the bar and socializing with your friends!)
The Dungeon (the entrance to the 'UnderWorld' of the Castle..and your darkest fantasies. New to the Scene, or an Old Timer this is the place is for Your leather bound heart!)
Rainbow Lounge (for people from all across the Rainbow of Human Preference)
Pagan Temple (Commune with Nature, express your Spiritual side!)
Private Chambers (if you know the login information, you can visit any of the hundreds of private Citizen Realms).

Citizens (all of the Above Plus the following and more..):

The Poet's Corner (Postings from poetic hearts - open bi-monthy to visitors)
Primal Scream (That's right, let it ALL out here!)
The Great Hall (For parties & gatherings in a Grand but private setting...leads to other Citizen-Only areas)
Crystal Lake (For a secluded swim and relaxing sunny beach.. Citizen-Only)
Secret Passage (depends on the room and time ;-} )

The Castle Courtyard offers a bright cheerful entrance to the BDSM and Fetish areas of Beauty's Castle. Here the intrepid explorer may chat freely with others of the Dominant and submissive kind or choose to wander deeper into the Castle's fetish Community. The Courtyard also provides access to the Castle's Original "Dungeon" (BDSM topics only) and to the Tower (BDSM and "vanilla" pursuits).
The Entrance to Gor* will take you to a Gorean Inn called the "Jewel of Gleaming Thassa". Tread carefully for you will be entering a STRICT land of Dominance and Submission on Counter Earth... It is 'another World' altogether! (do not mistake this area for traditional BDSM - It is NOT.)

The Castle Crypt is the general entrance for those interested in the Darker Realms of the Kindred. The Crypt is an Approved WhiteWolf role playing site for those interested in structured character role playing. It also host several themed "Chicago by Night" rooms for on-going story lines and actions. Come visit the Darker realms of Vampires and other Creatures of the Night! Contact our Crypt Authorities - for further info on WhiteWolf while there.
Finally, and MOST Importantly, to Enter *You* MUST Agree to:

The Laws of Beauty's Castle Realm!
(steely crystal blue-eyed gaze)

By ENTERING the Castle *YOU* Have AGREED to the Rules! You will be bound by them and your rights (if any) within Beauty's Castle Realm are derived from them.

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